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Compaction     •     Coating     •     Chemical Bonding

HTAS is proud to offer the next great leap in asphalt technology. ZycoTherm. 
From performance and sustainability to cost reduction and safety ZycoTherm delivers. 

ZycoTherm's nanotechnology substantially improves coating of asphalt binder on aggregates, ensures consistent and higher compaction, and eliminates stripping, making for durable asphalt pavements over the life of the pavement. 


• Eliminates stripping

Residual water in aggregate at lower temperature helps to promote reactivity with the aggregate and can withstand boil tests lasting over six hours with an over 95% retained coating.  

• Reduces stickiness on trucks and compaction rollers up to 194ºF

Captures sticky asphaltenes in nano cages of ZycoThers for improved free flow and reduced stickiness to trucks or paver and compaction rollers. 

• Improves field compaction up to 194 ºF

Uniform flow ensures consistent densities at the same number of passes. 

• Improves coating up to 248 ºF

Wets & spreads even better at lower bitumen content to give a blacker looking mix.

Typical Interaction
Weak Physical Bond

Polar - Polar Interaction

5-15% of Asphalt Paticipates

in Bonding

ZycoTherm Interaction
Strong Chemical Bond

Nonpolar - Nonpolar Interaction

85-95% of Asphalt Paticipates

in Bonding

You can visualize the difference in bonding between aggregate coated without ZycoTherm and with ZycoTherm similar to the difference between and orange peel and an apple peel.

Without ZycoTherm binder is weakly bonded
to the aggregate and can strip off in chunks.

With ZycoTherm however, binder is strongly bonded and holds that bond even when stressed.

• Eliminates odor

Captures all odorous compounds in nano cages of the ZycoTherm.

• Reduces fuel consumption

Lowers mixing temperature by 95º C, saves fuel by 20-25% AND Helps in longer hauls AND Allows paving in cold conditions 32 - 41º F.

• Improves TSR values 80-90%

• Melts and mixes hardened asphalt

Improves melting and mixing of hardened asphalt from RAP / RAS to reduce or eliminate raveling.


• Unmodified binders at 0.1% by weight of asphalt binder
• Modified binders PMB / CRMB, RAP / RAS mixes at 0.125-0.15% by weight of asphalt binder.



ZycoTherm should be stored between 5 - 45º C (41 - 113º F) in a shaded, dry area away from sunlight, heat, ignition, sparks, rain, and standing water. The container lid should be securely fastened every time it is used. Shelf Life is 24 months. 

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