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Hi-Tech Asphalt Solutions, Inc. (HTAS) partners with leading organizations such as transportation authorities and road construction companies to produce some of the finest and most durable roads in the world utilizing a combination of standard practices and innovative materials.


Through an experienced staff and relationships with some of the world’s leading asphalt experts, HTAS has focused on locating, testing, proving, and implementing better and more cost effective ways to construct or preserve transportation infrastructure. These successful results have created viable solutions for the national highway system in the United States of America and other countries for the last 20 years.


Hi-Tech Solutions' experience introducing new technologies to new markets has allowed for government agencies and contractors to develop confidence in our operation and opinions of new products.  Our successes in these uncharted areas have not only provided us with a reputation of innovative thinkers, but also as industry leaders who people follow once we introduce a technology. 

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