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At Hi-Tech Applied Solutions we are on the cutting edge of new products and technologies. Hi-Tech Applied Solutions' mission is to provide environmentally friendly products that are not only safe but effective. By replacing commercial and home products with environmentally sound alternatives Hi-Tech Applied Solutions aims to find sustainable answers for both industrial and domestic needs. 

Hi-Tech Asphalt Solutions is dedicated to bringing quality alternatives to asphalt problems. Whether you need products, metering systems, or technical assistance we are your “One Stop Shop” for all your hi tech asphalt solutions.


Founded in 1991, Hi- Tech Asphalt Solutions is the largest and most experienced supplier of road fibers, metering equipment, and technical knowledge in the industry.  We have focused on tailoring fiber and construction solutions exclusively for asphalt contractors.  Our areas of expertise include: Fiber Mixes, Warm Mix Asphalt, AC Modification, Cracking, Bridge Decks, and Construction Planning.  Performing over 100 successful jobs each year, we service over 75% of all fiber jobs conducted in the United States.


As we have expanded in to many new states and countries, we have worked seamlessly with local governments in approving, applying, and executing new technologies without any construction issues. Our relationships with the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration), NCAT (National Center for Asphalt Technology), State DOT’s, Regional Asphalt Producer Groups, and State Asphalt Associations, have allowed us to input and administer new technologies that have resulted in vast improvements to the quality and durability of asphalt pavements constructed in the U.S.

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