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No More Flat Tires!    Up to 40% Longer Tire Life!    Better Gas Mileage!

LiquiTube is the top selling premium tire sealant in the United States

LiquiTube is simply the best premium tire sealant you can buy. Our unique product is strong, durable, environmentally friendly, and can pay for itself in better fuel economy, less downtime due to flats, and LiquiTube's rugged dependability in vehicles that can not afford a badly timed tire puncture

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We service everything from bicycle tires to entire trucking fleets!


Panama City Police Department - No flat tires when driving through hurricane debris field. One officer located twelve nails in a single tire with no air leak.

UGI Utilities - 90% reduction of flat tires. No corrosion to the rims and no adverse reaction.

Habor Tire Service - Removal of the tire sealant was short and not difficult. It took less than 5 minutes to remove the product from each tire. We can see an increase in retreadable casings from our customers who use the sealant. Damage to the tires could still be located and the sealant did not restrict our ability to make repairs. No adverse effects on recapping equipment or the recapping process.

Carlisle Tire & Rubber - Multiple punctures from a variety of objects such as nails, thorns, screws, golf tees, etc. are quickly and permanently sealed.

Larsen Tire Technology - The entire cost of the product was saved within 2 months.

Dominic Bybee - Permanently sealed multiple nail and thorn punctures in 20" BMX bicyle tubes while still allowing tricks to be performed that involve very rough use of the tires.

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